New  For all PAO DDO's token will not be generated if bill is submitted through DDO Request. For all further Bills please go to

New  All the DDO's are requested to obtain GST Registration Number (as a TAX DEDUCTOR) with consultation of local CTO/STO/DTO which has to be entred while submission of Contingent Bills. This is mandatory. Refer this url GST Website

New:: For employee's Drawing salries Otherthan 010,a tempoary ID has to be generated First. The necessary Screen is given in Impact under sector code '20'.All the DDO's shall contact the concerned Treasury Offices

For Processing Grants-in-aid bills for salaries the information of each employee shall be entered in Employee wise Data screen in Grantinaid Employees Option Emp Data Entry duly confirming at the STO/DTO level after which the bill has to be prepared in Nonhrms Bill submission Screen

Thanks for using DDO Claims Package.

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    All DDs/DTOs/STOs/Staff are requested not to entertain Fake phone call on Name of Officers of Directorate, Please file FIR Immediately